Vision : Our aim is to make people healthy with traditional Ayurveda with a touch of technology.

Mission : Being a leading Promoter to reach each and every one of India for their betterment of healthy life in form of Ayurveda.

About Hitam Lifecare
Incorporated in the Year 2018, Hitam Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. is one of the well recognized promoters of Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbal Health Care Products, Herbal Skin and hair Care products and Classical Products. Hitam, the word derived from HITA, means Well-Being, Bliss, Welfare. Doctors at Hitam Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. are one of its kind to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver precise, personalized and root-cause treatment of over 100 diseases. Treatment is a holistic combination of herbal medicines that are delivered to your doorstep, customized diet chart and lifestyle advice.
Why Ayurveda
The aim of every healing system is to provide relief and cure from diseases, but not all systems of healing is targeted at prevention of diseases and to provide overall well-being. Each system has its own approach and limitations. Yet Ayurveda, with its holistic approach and natural methods aims at prevention and management, and helps in getting rid of disease from its roots. Wherever possible, it works towards providing a permanent cure. Though it's a more than 5,000-year-old healing science, Ayurveda is extremely logical and clear in its approach. This ancient science underlines the need to live in tune with nature and aims to boost the body's immunity, thus aiding in preventing and fighting against all types of diseases. Ayurveda treatment involves a coordinated effort between the doctor and the patient for the prevention, management and healing of diseases.
Why should you go for Ayurvedic Treatment ?
Ayurveda is witnessing a great revival worldwide with thousands of people looking for a holistic, sustainable, safe and effective form of treatment. India, being the birthplace of Ayurveda, has a lot to offer to the world in the treatment of various types of disease - even those labelled incurable by modern science. There are several advantages of going for Ayurvedic treatment.
Consultation with a Hitam Lifecare doctor
After registering or telephonic consultation, a Hitam Lifecare doctor assigned to you thoroughly understands your health problem, notes down your symptoms and medical history, and makes a detailed analysis of your disease. He makes a proper diagnosis (if the diagnosis is not confirmed), and informs you about the possible course of treatment. The doctor also mentions the various treatment alternatives offered by Hitam Lifecare for the particular problem afflicting your health. While doing so, he also educates you about your problem, and provides tips and guidance to combat the illness.
Dispatching of Medicines
If you express the desire to receive medicines and undergo treatment at Hitam Lifecare, then the doctor informs the logistic department about the same. The medicine is then dispatched to the shipping address registered by you. Along with the medicines, you will also receive written guidelines on how to take the medicines and what types of food you should eat or avoid through your Login ID. A diet chart is also included to help you follow the diet plan.
Follow-up by executive
Few days after sending the medicine, a Hitam Lifecare patient care executive will get in touch with you. He/ She will enquire about the progress in your condition and whether or not you have been taking the medicines regularly, and following the diet plan and lifestyle advice. If you are having a problem doing so, or if there are any concerns you would like to be addressed by the doctor, the executive escalates the problem to the concerned doctor who immediately gets in touch with you for details.
Follow-up by doctor
A follow-up consultation is also made by the concerned Hitam Lifecare doctor a few weeks after the commencement of treatment. At this stage, the doctor will examine your health and assess the improvement or deterioration in your condition. The doctor might ask you to go for tests to evaluate your condition. The doctor will analyse your progress, answer your queries and inform you about the further course of treatment. Such follow-up consultations and interactions take place periodically until you achieve complete recovery from your problem.
Unique treatment
Unlike many other health systems, Ayurveda looks at an individual holistically. It doesn't treat any disease just by giving some tablets or capsules, but puts a lot of emphasis on food regimen, lifestyle, mental and spiritual approach, and conduct of the individual. Ayurveda moves beyond the one-size-fits-all approach for deciding a line of treatment. Rather, it takes into consideration several factors such as,
  • • The state of an individual's doshas (vata/ pitta/ kapha)
  • • The state of the dhatus (tissues) (blood/muscles etc.)
  • • The state of malas or excreta (stool/ urine)
  • • The state of mahabhootas or elements ( fire/ water etc.)
  • • The state of the srotas or body channles
  • • The state of the mind
  • • Behavioural signs
  • • Primary and secondary symptoms
  • • And many more!
Impairment of the doshas, dhatus and other factors can differ in patients even when they may have the same disease. Since Ayurveda aims at balancing the imbalanced factors and restore the impaired factors, Ayurvedic treatment differs from patient to patient and is customized according to different individuals. Not just the form of medicines, even the recommended lifestyle, food regimen, type of exercises, nature of tonics and timings of taking medicines can differ from patient to patient.
Helps to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle
Until just a few decades ago modern science never looked at the role of diet and lifestyle in the manifestation and management of disease. On the other hand, this ancient science has been doing so for thousands of years. As such, the Ayurvedic system has reached an expertise in the role of food and lifestyle in diseases. For example, it is a fact that excess consumption of sweets can cause your blood sugar level to shoot up, while spicy food can lead to ulcers or acidity. Going late to bed and sleeping till late in the morning can disturb the metabolism and cause metabolic disorders. Ayurveda recognized these facts long ago and charted out easy and practical guidelines and regimens for food and lifestyle. When an individual taking Ayurvedic treatment follows a planned dietary and lifestyle regimen, and sees how it's affecting his health positively, it motivates him more to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, thus guiding him towards a healthy, fruitful and a long life.
  • • Upon selection, Hitam doctors undergo a rigorous training program directly under Dr. Prasant Pattnaik or other senior Hitam doctors. Various training and development programs are conducted to enhance the knowledge and skills of new doctors. Some of them includes,
  • • Regular CME (Continuing Medical Education) programs to maintain competence and keep abreast of new developments in Ayurveda and medical science.
  • • Regular Knowledge Sharing Sessions (KSS) where senior doctors share their knowledge and expertise on Ayurvedic treatment
  • • Multiple Natures workshops to increase motivation, productivity, efficiency and leadership skills
  • • Active mentoring program by a senior panel of doctors
  • • Workshops and presentations that shares information on best practices in Ayurveda
  • • Soft skills training programs to help doctors treat patients with honesty, compassion and kindness